Konoba Jastožera
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Komiža is a picturesque fishing town on the western coast of the island of Vis. Traditionally tied to sea and agriculture, and only in recent years to tourism, its deep bay offers shelter to many sailors, and the mountain range surrounding it provides a sense of security and rest. The municipality of Komiža includes Podšpilje (with settlements Borovik, Duboka, Podhumlje, Podšpilje and Žena Glava), the village of Oključna in the northern part of the island, and smaller islands Biševo, Brusnik, Jabuka, Palagruža and Svetac.

The building of Jastožera

Once upon a time, an Italian customs officer named Balicco came up with idea to build a facility in which he could breed and keep lobsters. His plan began it’s realisation in 1883. when he found the investors and builders Ivan Marinković, son of late Ivan and his son Vicko. The facility was completed in 1902. The builders constructed the facility with their own finances, so it was decided in court in 1902. that the property's owner would be Marinković Ivan Vicko and later his successors. Since then, the building has been used as a lobster storehouse for trading purposes.

A unique facility

As a unique facility in the Mediterranean and in the world, it was known throughout Europe. The lobsters were transported to various European destinations such as Vienna, Budapest, Paris, etc. They were packed in wooden boxes and were coated with straw so they would arrive to the destinations alive. In 2015. the object was completely renovated. Tavern Jastožera keeps live lobsters in a wooden cage in the sea (as it was earlier), so our quests have the opportunity and pleasure to hand-pick a lobster that will then be prepared and arrive at their dinner table. Welcome!


Had a fantastic meal here yesterday, lovely from start to end. The setting was idyllic, right next to the sea. The staff were very friendly and professional and offered us complementary sweet wine and brandy to try. My partner had the stuffed quid which he said was the best he had ever eaten, and I had the braised beef which was just beautiful.

Ellie Ball, UK

Spectacular view with the first table on left perhaps most romantic in all Europe. Must visit if in Croatia.

Dave M, California

Great location, Excellent food and service! Great location with an amazing view. Simple design with enough room in between tables. Excellent food and service. The manager of the restaurant was so nice and professional that it made us to come back. We really enjoyed it both times and definitely come back next summer!

Petra V, Czech Republic

Authentic atmosphere, fresh food Jastožera is a must visit restaurant when in Komiža. Long tradition and original atmosphere makes this place unique and special. If you're used to generic touristy places this is not for you. But if you want experience something special than go for it. Fish was really fresh and very nicely prepared (traditional recipes).

Petra, Croatia



Konoba Jastožera, Ul. Ivana Gundulića 6, 21485, Komiža
+385 99 670 7755